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NEOREN Membership

Members get access to the Neo Renaissance, the new social paradigm founded on connection, collaboration, and creation. We are a community of Conscious Builders pushing forth our personal impacts and legacies. Read below to see everything that's included...

Social Events

We host one Social Event each month with various locations, themes, intentions, and partner communities to provide you with a wide range of fulfilling experiences.

Bonus Events

We host Bonus Events which include curated dinners, wellness days, and spiritual ceremonies. Plus, our members themselves host tons of their own events that you'll get access to.


We partner with VCs and accelerators to support our members' fundraising efforts, advise and facilitate introductions to support growth, and soon will raise our Conscious Capital fund to invest directly.

Intellectual Events

We host one Intellectual Event each month, alternating between workshops and lectures, to teach skills and topics ranging from VC to AI to neurobiology.

Ecosystem Resources

We partner with marketing agencies, development shops, service providers, production studios, and more to give you access to productive tools and services that benefit your company.


The community is the biggest value of all. Besides connecting with diverse-minded, Sovereign Individuals, you'll find tons of opportunity to create and collaborate in our entrepreneurial sandbox.

Ready to Become a Member?

Complete our interest form to gain access to the application.

Membership Rate: $1,250/quarter

Early Stage Founders Rate: $875/quarter

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